Converting Industry

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knife-xpress® offers industrial blades and knives designed to handle converting projects for foil, film, paper and plastics. We manufacture and stock dish blades, score slitters, crush cutters, perforating knives, scoring knives, core cutters and dished slitters.

The base material used to construct a blade affects blade durability and lifespan. At knife-xpress®, we only use certified raw materials from approved mills for high-grade quality steel. We purchase our steel in mill runs, which gives us the ability to control quality through every step of the production process. And our heat treatment is performed in-house to temper the steel for extra toughness.

knife-xpress® has the blades and knives in stock ready to convert materials from Kevlar® to cloth and paper. The wide variety and composition of materials being converted obviously call for different blades. knife-xpress® stocks high-speed steel (HSS), high-chrome steel or alternative upgrades crafted from powdered metal.

We understand this is an industry with tight margins. We deliver on our quality promise and couple that with competitive pricing to ensure you reap a significant return on your investment in knives and blades. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives, our xpress agents, stand ready to assist you. And depending on the time you place your order, we can ship same or next day.

All of our knives are manufactured to exact specifications.

knife-xpress® industrial blades and knives fit the following equipment -

Our strict quality control procedures ensure that our industrial blades and knives deliver an optimal mix of durability and strength for extended service life.

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