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knife-xpress® offers blades designed to handle whatever your are producing, from PET to PVC and everything in between. knife-xpress® has blades and knives for granulators, shredders and pelletizers. We offer in stock granulator knives, fly knives, bed knives, rotary knives, stationary knives, shredder blocks, screens and pelletizer knives for virgin plastic pelletizing and for treating postconsumer recycled plastics.

The right blade, properly sharpened, does much more than cut material; it extends the lifespan of your equipment, saves energy, and promotes plant safety. A worn knife wastes horsepower because it takes more power to cut, is tougher on bearings, and can cause premature wear on related equipment and motors. Dull knives can smear material instead of cutting clean, increasing waste and fire hazards.

knife-xpress® has most blades and knives in stock, ready to cut material into precise pellet sizes and shapes, and granulator blades, shredder blocks and screens for postconsumer recycled plastics. Our replacement knives meet exact specifications for both domestic and overseas machines and are 100 percent ground for precision.

We offer different materials, rockwells, and coatings. Call and talk with an express agent for all of our options. We offer high-speed steel (HSS) or an alternative upgrade CPM10V using crucible-powdered metal. If your plastics content exceeds 30 percent glass or fiberglass, you can rely on knife-xpress® to have the correct knives in stock for extended wear.

For post-consumer market recycling, we carry granulator knives, as well as screens, to help size and filter the material. We can either replace or resharpen granulator knife blades, to help reduce smearing and keep your machines running. If you find your standard knife blades are chipping, we can offer different options for hardness, bevel or materials to increase knife performance to the machines' demands.


knife-xpress® offers our CHOMPERS® line granulator knives. High quality knives at a reasonable price.

The most common problem with plastics granulators knives is poor quality – resulting in an end product with excessive fines and high dust content.  High quality granulator knives from knife-xpress address this problem. Our knives are ground for precision performance and most are indexable for longer service.

All of our granulator knives and screens are made from premium tool steels for long life and heat-treated for extreme toughness and greater wear resistance. Many of our products are in stock, available for immediate shipment.


For the ultimate in performance, knife-xpress® created SHREDZILLATM carbide-capped shredder block. SHREDZILLATM is the perfect blade for extreme, high-wear shredding applications. This 40mm carbide-capped shredder provides increased cutter efficiency with no drag or interference. These shredder blocks outlast standard shredder block tenfold.

knife-xpress® shredders:

  • sizes from 30mm (1.181”) through 80mm (3.150”)
  • shredder blocks for a variety of makes and models
  • straight, crown, nips and standard design available
  • through hardened bed (counter) knives for maximum wear
  • screens for all shredder makes and models

All of our replacement knives are manufactured to exact specifications.

knife-xpress® replacement knives fit the following equipment - 

Our strict quality control ensures that our knives deliver an optimal mix of durability, shock resistance and edge strength for extended service life.

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