xpress protect

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Never run out of knives or blades again!     Control your inventory and minimize downtime.

knife-xpress® offers our customers an easy way to always have the knives or blades they need on hand—xpress protect. This convenient program allows our customers to make a one-time annual purchase of the knives they need for the year and knife-xpress® will manufacture the inventory and ship replacements according to your schedule.

No more wondering if the replacement knives you need are in stock or waiting for a shipment. We’ll stock your next shipment of knives at our facility and have your products sent to you at your request. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the parts you need for your facility will be there when you need them.

To set up your xpress protect agreement today, simply contact knife-xpress® by email at contact@knifexpress.com or call us at 855-499-3510. One of our xpress agents will gladly assist you.